Motions In Healing


The first session is an hour and a half. After that each session varies between an hour and an hour and a quarter.

Please wear loose comfortable clothing. You will be lying on your back on a padded massage table with pillows as needed.

Before you get on the table I will ask you a variety of questions covering your physical and emotional well-being as well as the specifics as to what brings you to my office.

During the session I listen carefully to your body and its vibrational field, determining where there are restrictions that are blocking your freedom of movement and ease and contributing to the symptoms you want to have addressed. We can work on these symptoms together as I bring in the skills of the various modalities I am proficient in. I am committed to efficiency as well as creating a nurturing environment that enhances your internal and external support system.

In some sessions we might exchange a few words, as the body might be needing deep quiet and introspection. I will offer observations as to what I am noticing because even in the quiet we are tracking together. Other sessions might be quite lively as material percolates forth.

At the end of the session you will be more relaxed then when you came in. You will have a deeper understanding of yourself and you will also experience greater freedom and ease.

Sometimes the addition of flower essences can be helpful. We can discuss their use together. I can suggest certain essences, which you can take home.

Sometimes certain physical movements from Rosen Movement can further assist your relaxation and fluidity. I can demonstrate these for your home care.

It’s usually a good idea to take a bit of time to walk around after the session.



If you’re unable to come to my office, we can work over the phone. During a telephone session, I bring your energetic body onto the table and work on your body as if you were here.

I can also offer communication skills if these are useful or flower essences to further support the session.



Initial session: $85.
Follow-up sessions: 60-75 minutes: $75.       

Please contact me if the rate is an issue.






Gael has a very intuitive, sensitive and healing touch. She has helped me uncover and release physical, emotional and spiritual blocks, which has brought me a greater sense of ease and balance. She has prescribed and prepared flower essences for me which have deepened our work together and further facilitated a healing process. Her work with me during my pregnancy and post-partum time was invaluable - it gave me tremendous healing support. Her work is both subtle and profound.

Kate Fisher, Santa Cruz

I have had a considerable number of telephone consultations with Gael. I feel that I benefited from each session. The sessions had effects that were similar to bodywork sessions I've received. They helped me bring forth some deep personal issues and resolve them. In the future I hope to experience more sessions.

Bill Jensen, Seattle

Gael's work with me through the past 4 years supports my body and spirit to heal and to be deeply nourished and "groked"! Themes that have emerged include: old, unknown and buried terror; empowerment through new conversations (in my head) with deceased parents; and deeper connections with my own needs so that I have more ease for myself in meeting them. I always come away from our sessions relaxed, nurtured and grateful.

Jean Morrisson, Santa Cruz