Motions In Healing


Marion Rosen, physical therapist and world-renowned teacher, taught me how to approach the body without an agenda of my own, to listen with my hands to the truths the body reveals and to support the possibilities for expansion. I teach Rosen Movement classes twice a week in order to facilitate greater ease of movement and enjoyment. Rosen Movement also supports and sustains the deeper awareness and expansion of the body that comes out of Rosen Method Bodywork.



CranioSacral Therapy has its foundation in Cranial Osteopathy. I trained through the Upledger Institute where Dr. John Upledger expanded the work to include the dynamic organism of the whole person – body, mind, emotions and spirit. I join the hydraulic forces inherent in the client's craniosacral system with non-directive, non-intrusive touch. The craniosacral system amplifies and leads to restrictions that have contributed to pain and dysfunction in the client's neuro-musculature, skeletal system, fascia, organs, and central nervous system. By blending in this manner with the client's craniosacral system these restrictions can dissipate and homeostasis be restored. The joining together of the client's craniosacral system and my presence in this system offers deep support to a natural state of well-being.



Bioenergy balancing combines knowledge of anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and nutrition along with an understanding of the body's energetic systems that run through the meridians, charkas and auric fields. Throughout the session I engage in dialogue with the client's vibrational field and its innate wisdom. The dialogue can pinpoint energetic blocks that result in physical symptoms, recurring emotional patterns and outdated beliefs. As the body becomes aware of these blockages I support the natural flow of health and energy so the client is able to be congruent with the present.



Part of the vibrational field of medicine, flower essences have been used for over 80 years by practitioners in different fields. Taken in oral form, flower essences engage our emotional, mental and life-force energies to create a more harmonious balance within ourselves and with the world. I work with over 100 flower essences that have been carefully prepared by the Flower Essence Society. After a bodywork session or phone consultation, if the client and I feel that flower essences might enhance the overall healing process, I use my knowledge and the client's feedback to select the appropriate essences. Flower essence therapy is a direct, subtle and powerful connection to the healing wisdom of nature.



Nonviolent Communication is also referred to as Compassionate and or Mindful Communication. Developed by clinical psychologist Marshall Rosenberg, it is taught worldwide. Nonviolent Communication teaches simple tools that I incorporate into all the modalities I practice. Nonviolent Communication, at its heart, helps people stay connected to themselves and to others through language anchored in the universal energy of human needs.



Visceral Manipulation (VM) , developed by Jean-Pierre Barral DO, RPT, is a hands-on therapy with the specific goal of encouraging normal tone and movements both within and between the internal organs, their connective tissues, and other structures of the body where normal movement has been impaired. Additionally, other factors affecting the body may be addressed, such as tensions in the fascia (connective tissue), nerves, blood vessels, as well as emotional issues. The ultimate goal of VM is to allow the body to self-correct, leading to improved health and optimal body function.



I have been experiencing Gael's work since 1999. When I am in crisis, Gael is my go-to gal! I love how her work is constantly evolving. The manner in which she listens to the body always seems to evoke my healing consciousness.

Barbara Roettger, Santa Cruz

Gael has worked on me over the years, leading to some dramatic improvements. Once I had severe persistent elbow pains. With Gael's treatment my elbow released thoroughly and the blockage never returned. Another time Gael worked on my jaw which had chronic holding patterns. My jaw ended up releasing in a daylong burst of energy. I've had a lot of problems with my neck because of a serious accident. Gael's knowledge and sensitivity have been invaluable in releasing pain and recreating stability.

Steve Wiesinger, Santa Cruz

Gael's work is so powerful. She uses modalities of healing that are more effective than lots of others I have tried. Her work with mind, body and spirit solved many issues that I had struggled with for years. Through her guidance with Flower Essence Therapy I have accessed a new depth of healing.

Cassandra Brown, Santa Cruz

Gael has accompanied me into some of the most frightening and enlightened places of my soul. With great grace and impeccable listening she has helped me clear old traumatic patterns. Integral to this, she has begun to teach my nervous system how to relax and my being to open. I am so grateful.

Akara Draper, Santa Cruz