Motions In Healing


Art has had a tremendous influence in my healing process. It has come through me in poetry, movement and painting. Whether all of a sudden I hear words or see them in my mind and honor that enough to transcribe them, or whether I am propelled to grab paints, papers, pens, crayons and let that which is calling flow onto the canvas and in that process understand and nourish parts of myself that are needing attention and care, or whether I combine movement, words and sounds into a spontaneous creation, it is for me, all about healing, recognizing, honoring and experiencing the forward creative thrust of that which needs to be expressed and the witnessing of it by myself and others.

Nonviolent Communication teaches me the language of needs as a universal life force that connects us all. With Nonviolent communication which is also known as Compassionate Communication or Mindful Communication I pay more attention to my needs, both the fulfilled ones and the unfulfilled ones. And I take responsibility for finding strategies to meet my unmet needs.

I started painting as a means to allow any given need that wanted attention to express itself. Each brush stroke, each impulse, each gluing, tearing of paper is immersed in that need. A deeply satisfying, ultimately healing process for me, I let the painting unfold as it will and reveal itself like a dream. Some paintings have taken months to complete, others a week. An informative process it requires no skills other than listening, trusting and following the energy as it moves through me and onto the canvas or paper.

Some years ago I understood that a "Healing Circle" encompassing many paintings was being created.  I didn't know who was leading who - the process of painting or the "Healing Circle". The paintings you see below are some of the pieces in the "Healing Circle".

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